THe Return of the Planet

The first issue of The Local Planet, the Spring 2005 edition, was published in Autumn 2004. Over the following four years, a total 14 editions were produced. The Local Planet contained a wide range of content, including research, interviews, feature articles and general news-items, almost all connected with sustainable living. Related advertising was also included. Content was written by people passionate about sharing ideas and information, showing how we can work together to create a ”Wonderful World” for future generations.   

After a hiatus lasting more than a decade we are delighted to announce that The Local Planet will be returning at some point during 2023. Looking back over past issues, it is clear that many articles are as relevant today as when they were first written, some dating back more than 15 years. As we urgently need to access how we are treating this planet, we believe environmental consciousness is needed now more than ever; this is why we have decided to relaunch now. 

If you would like to peruse some of those earlier editions, follow this link. However, before you leave this section, you might like to express your interest in being contacted in advance of The Local Planet, issue 15, being published.

Check out the About Us section for information about the publishers, The FACTORY, and to view the list of amazing Local Planet editors and contributors, you might like to take a look at the archive section, where you can view or download past issues; each one includes the relevant list of penwomen and penmen.

A Sustainable Future

In order for this venture to be sustainable, in both publishing and production methods, we are doing things a little differently this time. See below for what you can expect:

  • We plan to offer each issue in hard-copy printed, A4 format, and also a digital, downloadable version.
  • The Local Planet will be available via subscription and possibly via a number of organic / health-food stores. The latter will be decided following contact with previous distributors.
  • Sale or return will not be an option, which means we will only print what is needed.

We would like to know which version you would like to receive.

Why choose the Digital Planet.
  1. No print material is required.
  2. No print consumables are required, such as inks / toners.
  3. The Digital Planet will be somewhat easier to search for specific content.
  4. Approx €10 per issue
Why choose a Printed Planet.
  1. A separate electronic device is not required to read the content.
  2. Electricity is not being consumed while it is being read.
  3. If it is kept for a long time, the printed Planet will act as a carbon store.
  4. Reading from a printed page helps avoid the ‘computer vision syndrome’.
  5. Produced using self-generated, green electricity.
  6. Approx €15 per issue

Express your interest

If you might like to subscribe in the future, you can optionally submit your details via the form below. We will simply let you know when issue 15 is ready for publication. You can decide then if you would like to subscribe.